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To be a happy and loving mother, self-care is an essential first step!

                "A mother understands what a child does not say" This statement truly sums up all that a mother is expected to do and all that she does. Right from when a mother has the baby in her womb, she knows exactly what's happening with her baby. And her instincts tell her to meet the needs of the little one. Every mother does!         Let us take a look at all the tasks a mother does from morning till evening -  Well, you know better than me, right? From waking everyone up to putting them to bed at the end of the day, Mom has a role in everything that happens.                                                                              Wait! There's no T & C for this😃                      You could be a young mother, single mother, working or a home maker, rich or poor, at any corner of the world,                                    a MOM is a MOM! Simple!!! If a woman has to manage so many people and so many tasks, definitely her physical and mental healt

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